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Tubifast tubular bandage


Tubifast Tubular Bandage 10m roll for wet wrapping for eczema

Tubifast tubular bandage is a lightweight bandage using 2 way stretch technology. Tubifast bandages are used for dressing retention, dry & wet wrapping eczema. There is a tubifast tubular bandage size to cover any part of the body, which makes it a great resource for those needing to wet wrap or apply wet dressings for eczema. Eliminating the need for clips & pins used with traditional bandages, tubifast tubular bandages are quick & easy to apply. Just simply slide them over the affected area like a stocking. Tubifast bandages hold dressings securely, without constriction or compression. A coloured line knitted into the bandage identifies each size.

New Tubifast 2-Way Stretch is manufactured from viscose with very fine elastane threads knitted into the fabric to provide light elasticity. Available in a range of sizes to fit everything from small child limbs to large adult trunks. Tubifast is quick and easy to use, simply cut to size and stretch over the skin for an even, non-constrictive fit.

Tubifast bandages are available in five different sizes identified as:
  • Red line tubifast bandage – For small limbs, babies & toddlers (see size guide below)
  • Green line tubifast bandage – For small & medium limbs, children.
  • Blue line tubifast bandage – For large limbs, Child legs, adult arms (See measurements below)
  • Yellow line tubifast bandage – Childrens trunks, heads, Large adult limbs
  • Purple line tubifast bandage – Extra large adult limbs, trunks
Benefits of Tubifast Tubular Bandage:
  • Tubifast with 2-Way Stretch Technology holds dressings securely, without constriction or compression
  • Tubifast Tubular bandage means no need for pins & tapes
  • 2-way stretch allows freedom of movement
  • Quick and easy to use: simply cut to size and stretch over area required like a stocking
  • Economical – As you only cut the amount required & easily wash to wear again
  • Colour-coded sizes, to fit all areas of the body snuggly
  • Less fray than other bandages resulting in less risk of fibres in the wound
  • Perfect for use in eczema treatment wet dressings & wet wraps
  • Use with Epaderm ointment for a complete eczema wet wrap treatment.


Tubifast Tubular Bandage Size Guide
Bandage Colour Width x Length Limb Circumference
RED LINE – Small Limbs 3.5cm x 10m 8 – 15cm
GREEN LINE – Small & Medium Limbs 5cm x 10m 10 – 25cm
BLUE LINE – Large Limbs 7.5cm x 10m 20 – 45cm
YELLOW LINE – Extra Large Limbs, Heads, Children’s Trunks 10.75 x 10m 35 – 65cm
PURPLE LINE – Adult Trunks 20cm x 10m 30 – 130cm


Tubifast Tubular Bandage Washing & Care Instructions:
  •  If heavy emollient creams are being used soak Tubifast Bandages in Hot Water (Perfect for those using emollients in their eczema treatment careplan)
  • Gentle Hand Wash is recommended to prevent edges fraying, Wash at 40deg
  • Air Dry is recommended for Tubifast Tubular Bandages
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not dry Clean
  • Do Not Iron
How To Apply Tubifast Tubular Bandages:


You can watch a step by step video on how to create garments using tubifast bandages HERE
 Tubifast tubular bandage how to make a tubifast suit with bandages for eczema