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Tubifast Tights for eczema wet wrapping (6-24mths)


Tubifast Tights with feet for babies & toddlers

Tubifast tights have been specially designed to make wet wrapping your toddler or baby with eczema easier. Ready-made Tubifast Garments are made with 2-Way Stretch Technology. This makes them ideal for dressing retention and wet or dry wrapping eczema. With no tapes, pins or ties, tubifast tights are a much safer way to wet wrap babies than traditional bandages. Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch Technology are quick and easy to apply. Because of this two-way stretch construction tubifast tights allow freedom of movement therefore aiding compliance. Comfortable to wear under nightwear and ordinary clothes, tubifast garments may help to promote fully active days and restful nights.

Benefits of Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch:
  • Flat seams to help prevent irritation of sensitive eczema skin
  • Convenient, quick and simple way to wet or dry wrap, so aiding compliance
  • Tubifast garments eliminate the need for messy, time consuming bandaging
  • Comfortable to wear under nightwear and ordinary clothes
  • Freedom of movement
  • For a complete wet wrap for eczema use with Tubifast Vest with mittens
  • These smaller sizes have fun Skin Care World characters
  • Snug fit discourages small fingers from scratching itchy eczema skin
  • Perfect for dry wrapping or Wet dressing eczema.
Why Wet wrap for eczema treatment using tubifast tights?

Wet dressings or wet wraps are an important part of your child’s eczema treatment plan.
Wet dressings are most effective when your child is: (A) Waking through the night scratching. (B) The eczema is dry & flaky. (C) Your child is hot & itchy, scratching until they bleed. Wet wrapping with tubifast garments can reduce the amount of steroid cream needed to treat your child’s eczema. Wet wrapping using a tubifast garments can assist in removing heat from the eczema rash. This can reduce the inflammation & itch associated with eczema. By reducing inflammation the eczema creams can soak into the skin where they are most needed. By reducing the itch we reduce the child scratching & therefore damaging their sensitive skin.


Tubifast Tights for eczema Washing & Care Instructions:

  • If heavy emollient creams are being used soak Tubifast Garments in Hot Water.
  • Gentle Machine or hand Wash is recommended at 60deg
  • To Protect Tubifast Garments in wash & dryer a Delicates bag is highly recommended
  • Air Dry is recommended for Tubifast Garments
  • Dyer on Low Heat
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not dry Clean
Watch our Instructional Video on Wet Wraps for Eczema Treatment using Tubifast Tights below:

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