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Tubifast gloves for eczema


Tubifast Gloves for eczema (2-14yrs)

Tubifast Gloves are ideal for wet wrapping eczema, dermatitis of the hands, itchy, dry, cracked and painful hands. Tubifast gloves for are the quickest & easiest way to wet wrap your hands for a fast effective eczema treatment. Keep several pairs of gloves around the house to protect your child’s hands while doing daily activities that irritate their eczema skin.

Our customers say these fit a small adult, but if you want adult gloves look HERE

Benefits of using Tubifast gloves for eczema wet wrapping:

Wet wrapping or wet dressing is a natural treatment for eczema or dermatitis that involves a thick emollient like Epaderm under a damp garment layer. Studies have shown that wet wrapping can effectively and quickly re-hydrate and calm red, itchy, inflamed eczema skin. This is why dermatologists recommend wet wrapping as an important part of your eczema treatment plan. Wet wrapping using tubifast gloves for eczema can cool the skin, reducing inflammation, which allows moisturisers & topical steroids to be more rapidly absorbed.

How to Wet wrap your hands using Tubifast gloves for eczema:
  • Prepare everything you will need before you start the wet dressing procedure. Your emollient or thick moisturiser, topical steroid if you are using, tubifast gloves, second layer.
  • Soak your tubifast gloves for eczema in cool water while you bathe.
  • First soak your hands in an emollient bath or using a Bath Oil for no longer than 10min, or aim to wet wrap straight after your shower.
  • Gently wring out your tubifast gloves for eczema so they are damp not dripping wet.
  • Gently pat your hands dry, do not rub further irritating your eczema or dermatitis.
  • If using topical steroid, apply as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Next apply a very thick layer of your eczema moisturiser or emollient.
  • Apply the damp tubifast gloves
  • Apply the second pair of dry tubifast gloves or 100% cotton gloves if using them as a dry layer.
Benefits of Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch:
  • Flat seams to help prevent irritation of sensitive skin
  • Convenient, quick and simple way to wet wrap eczema, so aiding compliance
  • Eliminates the need for messy, time consuming bandaging, ties and pins
  • Comfortable to wear under nightwear and ordinary clothes
  • Freedom of movement
  • Perfect for Wet Wraps & Wet Dressings for eczema relief

Tubifast gloves washing & care Instructions:

  • If heavy emollient creams are being used soak Tubifast Garments in Hot Water.
  • Gentle Machine or hand Wash is recommended at 60deg
  • To Protect Tubifast Garments in wash & dryer a Delicates bag is highly recommended
  • Air Dry is recommended for Tubifast Garments
  • Dryer on Low Heat
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not dry Clean

For A How To Guide on Applying Wet Dressings Wet Wraps, See our Treatment for Eczema Video