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Tubifast garments vest (2-14yrs)


Tubifast Garments Vest for kids 2-14 years

Tubifast garments vests for kids make wet wrapping eczema easy. Looking for a tubifast vest for babies 6-24 months? LOOK HERE If you are looking for tubifast garments for children 14yrs & over or adults please LOOK HERE
Your GP, Dermatologist or paediatrician may suggest wet wrapping or wet dressing as part of your eczema treatment plan. Tubifast garments can assist in your child’s eczema relief. Tubifast garments vest are a full-sleeved vest that can be used either wet or dry. Using 2-Way Stretch Technology tubifast garments are quick & easy to apply for kids with eczema.

By taking the heat & itch out of the rash, the eczema creams can work more efficiently. So stop the damage created by scratching itchy eczema skin & start healing with eczema wet wrapping today.

Benefits of Tubifast vests for kids with 2-Way Stretch:
  • Tubifast vests have flat seams to help prevent irritation of sensitive eczema skin
  • They are a convenient, quick and simple way to dry or wet wrap eczema , aiding compliance
  • Tubifast garments vest eliminate the need for uncomfortable, time consuming bandaging
  • Comfortable to wear under nightwear and daytime clothing
  • Tubifast garments encourage freedom of movement
  • Tubifast garments are available in full-sleeved vests, vests with integrated mittens, tights, leggings, socks, gloves and Patch Wraps
  • Smaller sizes have fun Skin Care World characters to aid compliance
  • Improved neck fit on vests
  • Perfect for use in wet Wraps & wet Dressing Eczema.
Tubifast Garments vest washing & care instructions:
  • If heavy emollient creams are being used we suggest first soaking Tubifast¬†Garments in Hot Water.
  • A gentle Machine or hand Wash is recommended at 60deg
  • To Protect Tubifast Garments in wash & dryer a Delicates bag is highly recommended
  • Air Dry or sun drying is highly recommended for eczema Tubifast Garments
  • Tubifast garments may be dried in a tumble dryer on Low Heat
  • Do Not Bleach your garments
  • Do Not dry Clean
Tubifast garments for eczema wet wrapping size guide:

Please use the table below as a size guide when selecting a tubifast garment for your childs eczema treatment:

Tubifast garment leggings size

Please watch this instructional video on how to apply Tubifast garments: