The Eczema Diet – A diet based eczema treatment.


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The eczema diet book.

For the first time, the findings of hundreds of international researchers and skin specialists have been pieced together to solve the eczema puzzle. The eczema diet is the first diet designed to correct the underlying causes of eczema; unique in that sufferers can gradually revert back to a normal diet and remain eczema-free.

Whether you have a mild patch of dermatitis or you’re enduring chronic eczema from head to toe, Eczema Diet for eczema treatment shows you how to create beautiful skin for life. Tried and tested on eczema patients for more than a decade, the comprehensive program covers all eczema conditions and features separate programs catering for all age groups, including babies.The eczema diet before and after

In the Eczema Diet book you’ll discover:
  • a fast-track detox for adults
  • skin care + non-diet information
  • effective dandruff + cradle cap remedies
  • emergency itch-busters
  • how to prevent salicylate sensitivity
  • menus for the entire family, including lunch boxes + party food
  • delicious recipes

One million Australians suffer from eczema with six million likely to suffer from this unique skin disorder at some point in their life – finally there is a book that can help, The Eczema Diet!

The diet is a welcome alternative to creams and medications for the treatment of eczema.

In this book you will find:

Success stories

The Eczema Diet Part 1: Eczema + diet

1. Healthy skin + eczema
2. Eczema + diet: 60 years of research
3. Healthy liver, healthy skin
4. The Eczema treatment Diet: how it works
5. Top 12 eczema-safe foods + other useful ingredients
6. Eczema supplements

The Eczema Diet Part 2: Non-diet Information

7. Skin care products, make-up + daily regime
8. General recommendations for eczema
9. Bath recipes + emergency itch busters
10. Dandruff
11. Cradle cap

The Eczema Diet Part 3: Programs, menus + recipes

12. Getting started
13. Infants with eczema
14. Children’s meal plans + lunch box menus
15. Party food guide + lolly bags
16. Adult/family menu
17. Stage 2: Expanding the diet
18. Recipes
19. Eczema-safe food charts
20. Eczema-safe shopping guides
21. Problem-solving

The Eczema treatment diet diary




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