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SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin 100ml


Out of stock

The manufacturer has advised that production of this product
has ceased due to Covid restrictions. Arrival date to be advised.

SkinFood moisturiser with Manuka oil

With the addition of Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vegan SkinFood with Manuka Oil (VSF) is perfect for itchy adult eczema skin. Cruelty free and the most effective product in the SkinFood Collection when used on dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars and nappy rash. The combination of oils and Shea Butter makes Vegan SkinFood perfect for use as an everyday body moisturiser or an over facial night hydration hit.

Due to the high quality ingredients used, VSF will not block pores when used on the face. In fact, VSF will help balance oils on the face meaning the more you use it the less you need it. If you’re looking for a lighter application for your face, try our Vegan SkinFood Serum!

SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin ELLE magazine

SkinFood as seen in ELLE magazine

Care for your SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin
  • Care for your SkinFood by keeping water out.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry when you dig in for a moisture hit.
  • We don’t recommend storing SkinFood in the bathroom or fridge due to moisture and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Keep the lid on when not using.
  • keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Do all this and your SkinFood will love you back.
Ingredients of your Vegan SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin:
  • Shea Butter*,
  • Coconut Oil**,
  • Hemp Seed Oil**,
  • Jojoba Oil,
  • Rosehip Oil**,
  • Manuka Oil (1%)
  • * Certified Organic. ** Certified Organic & Cold pressed
SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin directions for use:

When applying to dry skin  or eczema make sure the skin is clean then apply liberally. Keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. For example: a pea size amount should be enough for one entire arm. Allow a few minutes to be absorbed and if your eczema is dry reapply as needed. When used as a daily moisturiser VSF will lock in moisture keeping your skin looking hydrated and feeling smooth with no oily shine.


Vegan SkinFood moisturiser for eczema and dry skin FAQ:

Can I apply SkinFood to my already oily skin (face)? Won’t it cause me to break out?

SkinFood is great for the face! We recommend our SkinFood Serum for oily skin (face) as it contains the perfect combination of sebum mimicking oils. These will work on balancing your oils – and if your skin is too oily this is EXACTLY what you need! Our serum will not cause you to break out. However, some people experience a week of “purging” where your skin gets slightly worse before it gets better. This is your skin going through a small detox. Keep going with your serum, as with any detox you will start to see improvements.

Is Manuka Oil Vegan? How is it different to Manuka Honey?

Yes, Manuka Oil is vegan. Manuka Oil is steam distilled from the Manuka leaf directly (think of tea tree oil). This is totally different to Manuka Honey which, like any honey, is not vegan as it is a bee (animal) by-product.

Why isn’t the Jojoba Oil Certified Organic?

There are high costs involved when farms apply to become Certified Organic, costs that can be unrealistic for some small, family run farms. We could easily switch to a Certified Organic supplier however we made the decision to support a small, family run farm based in North QLD instead. When we trialled Jojoba Oils (we trialled A LOT) the farm we decided to go with out did all the others in quality, purity and, in our opinion, farming practices. Based on their practices we know that their Jojoba is Organic, they just haven’t applied for certification therefore we can’t make claims. For more information on Jojoba Natural’s farming practices please contact us here.