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Silicone scalp massager for dry & itchy scalps


Silicone scalp massager for eczema, psoriasis dry & itchy scalps

This hand held silicone scalp massager is heaven for itchy scalps.
Designed to be used in the shower on wet hair. Or to massage cream into dry hair. Scalp brushes may gently exfoliate away dry flaky skin. And product build up. When used in conjunction with your favourite dry itchy scalp shampoo and or conditioner.

While there is no solid evidence that scalp massages thicken or promote hair growth. They can increase blood flow. Which can encourage more nutrients to the scalp and hair follicle. They may also be useful at removing excess oil, dead skin cells and product build up. Not to mention they feel so relaxing!

How does it work?
Once your hair is wet slide your hand through the finger grip, with gentle pressure use small circular motions. This can be used in conjunction with your favourite shampoo, conditioner or hair serum.

What is seborrheic eczema and how can a scalp brush help me?

Did you know that dandruff is a uninflamed type of seborrheic eczema? That’s right. Its a form of dermatitis that can effect the scalp. It usually looks like scaly patches or flakes. The treatment for scalp eczema can include special shampoo’s and creams. And both can be used with our eczema scalp massager.