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Rose quartz face roller


Rose Quartz face roller for eczema and sensitive skin

Rose quartz face rollers for eczema are tools that borrow their basic design from a paint roller. The oval shaped stone glides across your face providing some cool relief to itchy facial eczema. Face rollers have claimed to; increase circulation, reduce wrinkles, assist in absorbing facial creams as well as reduce redness and puffiness created by congested lymphatic pathways.

So why use a Rose Quartz face roller for sensitive skin?

Rose Quartz stays cool whereas Jade has a reputation for being quite warming to the skin. Warmth is usually NOT a property we want to evoke when caring for itchy or inflamed eczema skin. Jade is generally also a softer more porous stone and may wear quicker than rose quartz.

Possible benefits of facial massage with our Rose Quartz face Roller:
  • It just feels Soooo nice on itchy, inflamed eczema
  • Relaxing facial muscles
  • Cooling the skin, helping to calm that itch
  • Assists in lymphatic drainage
  • May assist to relieve sinus pressure
  • Assists to massage in face creams
  • Massage may assist in collagen stimulation and production
  • Increased blood flow may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
How do I use my Rose Quartz Face Roller:
  1. Decide how you will use your face roller, dry or with your favourite moisturiser or serum.
  2. If using a moisturiser, apply to the face and neck.
  3. With your Face roller start at the neck and roll in a upward direction. For best results only roll up. (Not rolling back and forth).
  4. Roll the tool from the jawline to the ear on both sides using gentle steady pressure. Slowly extend this motion from the jawline to the cheekbone on both sides.
  5. Next roll the Rose Quartz face roller from the forehead up towards the temples. Always in the upward direction.
  6. Finally roll flat over your each eyebrow horizontally.
How long should I use my Rose Quartz face roller for?

Allerchic always recommends discussing any new treatment including facial massage with your Dr or healthcare professional. As a general rule you should not use a face roller when you have an infection. And stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort. Otherwise face rollers can be safe to use daily. Massage (or rolling) for 5min a day is recommended.