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PJ Pants for kids with eczema


Silversoothe PJ Bottoms for eczema

PLease note: We only have limited stock left! What is displayed in the menu is all that is available. 
Looking for alternative eczema clothing for kids? Please look HERE

Eczema pajamas with the healing 47th element silver.

These amazing pajamas help to stop the itch scratch cycle, allowing the skin to breathe & heal. They are perfect for use with emulsifying & steroid creams, as well as wet dressings.

Product Features:

  • The combination of soft organic cotton & silver helps ease night time itches & scratching of damaged,inflamed skin.
  • These amazing pajamas feature smooth flat seams inside & out for added comfort.
  • Comfort With Elasticated no twist waist
  • No product tags that can irritate sensitive skin, product labels are on the back of clothing & tear off for easy removal.
  • Can be boiled or tumble dried
  • Can be used as a dry layer over wet dressings


How to choose the right size:

Before ordering we suggest that you measure the height of your child – from the top of the head to heel measurement.

All our children are differently sized so we size our clothes on height alone.

Our clothes are generously sized with plenty of room to grow so please buy true to size.

Each size should fit until the child is ready for the next size up, therefore there is 10cms (4 inches) growth in each size so, for example, a size 90 will fit until the child is ready for size 100.

If your child is measuring 92/94 then still buy the size 90 as the size 100 in turn will fit up to a 110 and would be huge on a 92/94 size.

The age guide is intended for approximate age only – the height is the most important measurement.

Height cmsAge (approx)
500 – 3 months
603 – 6 months
706 – 12 months
8012 – 18 months
902 – 3 years
1003 – 4 years
1105 years
1206 – 7 years
1308 years
1409 – 11 years
15012 – 13 years
16014 – 15 years