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Insulated Epipen Medication Case


ORANGE Insulated Epipen Medication Case

Insulated EpiPen medication case. Need to carry an anaphylaxis EpiPen, allergy, eczema or asthma medication?
The EpiPen case is an amazing insulated pouch that holds two EpiPen anaphylaxis auto-injectors and a small bottle of allergy antihistamine. They are also suitable for carrying various other medications, such as asthma inhalers or eczema creams.

Bright and easily identifiable in an emergency. Outside the insulated medication bag has a tag which features the Universal Medical Symbol. This symbol is instantly recognisable in an emergency. Inside the medication bag is an insulated layer. Inside a plastic sleeve keeps a folded anaphylaxis allergy or asthma action plan. There is also tag which can be personalised for medical information and identification, including a photo and emergency contact details.

As you are aware its very important that your EpiPen is kept between 15-250c and protected from light. The Insulated medication bag is made from durable, water-resistant, insulating neoprene and is fully lined for extra insulation.

The stylish design is suitable for for kids, teens and adults. Encouraging you to take your EpiPen with you on the go. The anaphylaxis EpiPen case features a fully adjustable and detachable strap, allowing the bag to be worn around the waist or across the shoulder. They also use a convenient zipper enclosure.

The EpiPen & medication bag comes complete with detachable Photo ID/Medical Tag which can be personalised & attached on the metal loop to the back of the bag. The loop can also be used to hang the pouch up at home, kindy, school or the office for fast easy access.

A must have for those carrying their anaphylaxis/allergy Epipens or asthma medication to school, camp, sleepovers or on trips away.

Insulated Epipen Medication Case features: 

  • Bright fun colours that stand out when needed in an emergency
  • Made from water resistant¬†neoprene
  • have a universal medical alert symbol stitched into the side of the bag
  • Inside is a plastic divider to keep an anaphylaxis action plan or other important information.
  • Big enough to hold a small bottle of antihistamine plus two Epipen Auto injectors
  • Fully lined for extra insulation.
  • Provides protect from heat & light for your epipen.
  • A detachable Medical ID tag, with room for a picture of your child & emergency contact details.
  • The strap can be shortened to wear as a clip around waist bag or lengthened to wear as an over the shoulder bag.

Are you aware of the new reduced Epipen injection time? You can watch the video here