Goats milk soap free hand wash 300ml


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Goats milk soap free hand wash for eczema 

Goats Milk Soap Free Hand Wash by Natural Secrets is a gentle moisturising soap alternative. Goats milk soap free hand wash gently cleanses and moisturises skin without the use of harsh chemicals which makes it great for eczema, sensitive skin & psoriasis . Made with a rich blend of goat’s milk, naturally derived proteins & Vitamin E, goats milk soap free hand wash is soap free and pH balanced. This hand wash has been especially formulated to give a moisturising gentle wash, leaving your itchy eczema skin feeling soft and smooth. Which can make this a great hand soap alternative for those with eczema & sensitive skin.

As always Allerchic recommends patch testing any new product before adding it into your
& eczema skin management routine.


Goats milk soap free hand wash:
  • Contains no SLS or Parabens
  • Is soap free
  • Is pH Balanced
  • Is gentle on skin
  • Comes in a handy pump pack making it easy to use for the whole family
  • Suitable for dry, itchy, eczema or sensitive skin
Why do so many people recommend goats milk soap & soap free wash for eczema & sensitive skin?

If you have eczema no doubt at some stage you have been asked, have you tried goats milk? Lots of people with eczema & allergic rashes rave about goats milk products & how they have assisted calming their child’s itchy, inflamed eczema. While it can be a seemingly miracle cure for some families, it is important to note for that for others it may trigger a flare up or worsening of symptoms. There is no known cure for eczema, so families are left to work with their health care professionals & find what works well for them. Having said that, the internet is full of eczema forums & chat pages of people claiming that goats milk soap has been a godsend for their eczema management.

Ingredients in Natural Secrets Goats Milk soap moisturising hand wash pump pack:
  • Goats milk
  • sweet almond oil


Goats milk soap free hand wash for eczema

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