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Food Allergies for Dummies Australian edition


Food Allergies for Dummies

Food Allergies for Dummies is a no-nonsense, plain English guide that gives you expert guidance in identifying & avoiding the foods that trigger your reactions. In true Dummies style, this book breaks down food allergy in a fun easy way to understand. Learn how to spot hidden ingredients on the food label & menu items, treat reactions effectively and manage your diet without feeling deprived.

In this book Discover How To:
  • Eliminate Food allergen Problems.
  • Find a Qualified Food Allergist.
  • Handle Mild & Severe allergic reactions.
  • Manage Allergies at Home, School & Work.
  • Treat your Childs Allergies.
  • Build your own Allergy emergency¬†kit.
  • Create Allergen free Recipes.

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