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Epaderm ointment best emollient for eczema treatment


Epaderm Ointment aka emollient 

Perfect for sensitive skin, eczema and dry skin discomfort
Epaderm Ointment is highly recommended by dermatologists & immunologists as an eczema treatment. You save money with this versatile product by using Epaderm as a skin cleanser, moisturiser and bath additive, saving you money.

Epaderm is an emollient

You can apply Epaderm ointment directly to your eczema skin. Apply in a downward motion in the direction of hair growth. This will reduce the risk of blocking hair follicles. Simply apply Epaderm generously to the affected areas at least twice a day. Great as a top moisture level Epaderm is ideal for use under wet wraps for eczema treatment.

It’s a skin cleanser

We don’t advise using soap on sensitive skin, allergic rashes, dermatitis or eczema. But you can use Epaderm! Just take a small amount of Epaderm emollient and lather under warm water. Wash as normal, using the Epaderm in place of your traditional soap products.

(NOTE: Epaderm Emollient May Make the Shower Slippery)

Epaderm ointment is a bath additive

Melt 4g (about the size of a $2 coin) of Epaderm Ointment emollient in a tumbler of hot water, ensuring it has cooled sufficiently before adding to the bath. Fill the bath with warm water & enjoy a moisture filled soak for at least 10min. Take care when using as a bath additive as it will make the surface of the bath slippery. Use in place of water soluble bath oil for aiding in soothing dry, itchy eczema skin.

And it helps after bathing or swimming

Smear, but don’t rub, a liberal amount of Ointment onto damp skin and you’ll help stop your skin drying out immediately after bathing or swimming.

You can use Epaderm as a barrier cream

Epadaderm ointment can be used as a barrier cream to protect delicate eczema & sensitive skin from licky rashes, dribble rash & at nappy change times.


Watch our Wet Dressing Wet Wrap for Eczema Treatment Instructional Video using Epaderm here: