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Eczemawear eczema clothing footed pant


Eczema help has arrived with Eczemawear eczema clothing for kids.

Eczema clothing for kids can help soothe, ease relieve your itchy eczema skin. By stopping the damage created when scratching eczema your child’s skin can start to heal. We recommend teaming your Eczemawear footed pant with the Mittened T for a scratch free eczema calming day.

We understand that the scratching damage done to eczema skin is not only created by little fingers but whatever is available. Children will use their toes, rubbing against a sheet or blanket, or anything else available to scratch their itch. When eczema is itchy, they can not control the urge to scratch that itch! So because they can’t stop themselves scratching Eczemawear eczema clothing for kids is here to minimise the damage & allow the skin to heal.

Eczemawear footed pant benefits & features:

  • Naturally calming Organic Bamboo & Cotton:
    Eczemawear eczema clothing footed pants are made with organic bamboo & cotton which has a silky smooth feel to calm itchy sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend bamboo & cotton fabrics for eczema due to their breathability. Bamboo has amazing antibacterial qualities making it the ideal inclusion in eczema clothing. The cotton & bamboo blend makes your Eczemawear garment light, cool & comfortable to wear.
  • Flat seams for sensitive skin:    
    Soft, flat, flexible seams are a must when creating clothing for itchy& sensitive skin. Your Eczemawear garments come complete with carefully engineered seams that are soft, gentle & organic just like the garment.
  • Enclosed Feet:
    Unlike other eczema clothing your Eczemawear pants include enclosed feet. This design stops itchy little fingers pulling up pants to scratch behind the knees, calves & ankles. Enclosed pants mean that itchy eczema legs are protected giving them a break from the itch, scratch, damage cycle allowing them to heal faster.
  • Reinforced Feet:
    Your Eczemawear footed pants have the double the organic natural calming bamboo & cotton fabric in the feet to protect eczema itchy toes & ankles. By doubling the fabric in the feet of your footed pants allows for a longer wearing garment.
  • Funky flexible unisex colour: 
    Eczemawear is currently only available in one funky unisex colour, to keep production costs low we went with one colour that could suit babies, children & adults with  eczema. Stay tuned! Eczemawear will be releasing new colours early next year.
  • Eczemawear eczema clothing for kids Size Guide:
    Please see the measurements (all in cm) below to see which size which best suit your child.
    Eczemawear eczema pants
Eczemawear footed pants

Eczemawear footed pants size guide