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Eco wash – Laundry Wash Ball


Eco Wash Ball – Great for sensitive skins like eczema & psoriasis as no detergent residues!

Eco wash balls are recyclable plastic balls with small ceramic stones containing around 80 natural minerals (no detergents/chemicals/bleaching agents). The stones raise the pH level of the water, softening the water and opening the fabrics weave. Water moves through more easily and effectively, removing dirt naturally. Eco wash balls are suitable for use in all types of washing machines.
Cost effective lasting for up to 1,000 washes – that’s under 3 cents per wash!

Product Features:
  • Great for adults and children with skin sensitivities and allergies as an Eco Laundry Ball is free of harmful chemicals such as phosphor and boron, so it can protect clothes as well as skin – especially suitable for babies and children with eczema, allergies and asthma.
  • great antibacterial properties, removes various kinds of bacteria
  • helps to remove chlorine from the water.
  • Eco friendly with no harmful chemicals and therefore better for you and the environment and also saves on consumption of water and power.
  • Cuts down water pollution in the washing machine.
  • No left over residue like standard washing powders can leave on clothes
  • Softens the water which therefore softens your clothes.
  • uses less water and electricity (no rinse cycle needed for regular loads)
  • less wear and tear on washing machine and pipes (no corrosion; reduces scale, rust and lime build up
  • clothes last longer (no residue left on fabric; no fading; no breakdown of fabric)
  • environmentally safe
  • does not pollute grey water (great for gardens in times of drought)
  • does not contaminate soil or our waterways
 Directions for use:
  • Stubborn stains are best pre-treated with a soap bar or stain stick.
  • Start to washing after 15 to 30 minutes’ dipping, washing it as usual? the washing ability will be better if dipped for 60 minutes.
  • Use 1 Eco wash ball when the cloths is below 3kgs, 2 balls when over it.
  • Keep balls ventilated after used, dry them naturally, repeat the steps above next time.
  • Clean the balls every month, dry it in the sun.
Eco Wash Ball Care:
  • The Laundry balls can stay in the machine all the time, but it will be better after being dried naturally, prolong the using life.
  • Suitable for all the washing machines.
  • Filled with solid ceramic balls, never used as toys for children.
  • Suggestion: no use to industrial use or large-scale washing such as laundry shop, but can be used for antibacterial.
  • Washing separately between different colors of or easy-fading cloths.
Life Cycle:

The designed using life is 3 years or 1000 washes, but Laundry experts suggest to change the refill ceramics or the laundry balls after 12 months for maximum washing ability.