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Eco dryer balls


Eco dryer balls – save drying time & money.

Eco Dryer Balls are specially designed to reduce drying time by tumbling in the dryer. Dryer balls may reduce your laundry drying time by lifting and separating your laundry allowing air to move through the load more freely and efficiently. These Dryer Balls will soften your fabrics without using harsh chemicals and fragrances. This makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin, allergies and eczema.

Dryer Balls are safe to use on most fabrics and relax the fibres in your clothing making your laundry soft without the use of dryer sheets or fabric softeners. Consider teaming your eco dryer balls with an eco wash ball for a complete environmentally friendly laundry solution.


Eco dryer balls product Features:
  • Non Toxic as they are chemical free
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin, eczema & allergies
  • Reduce static and therefore creases
  • Reduce drying time by lifting & separating laundry as it tumbles
  • Reduces ironing time
  • Soft Rubber material will not melt, break or release any chemicals


Directions For Use:
  • Put laundry into the dryer
  • Remove Dryer Balls from package and place both in dryer with the laundry
  • No need to add dryer sheets or fabric softeners as our dryer balls will naturally soften your clothes
  • Check dryer settings and start
  • ┬áThe Dryer balls are re-usable, just leave them in your tumble dryer and enjoy their benefits time and time again