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Create your own allergy alert pack


Create your own allergy alert pack –  Personalise your allergy

Do you have a rare allergy or food allergies that aren’t in the top 8 allergens? Having trouble finding a bright, fun & functional allergy alert sticker pack that you can personalise to your own allergy? Look no further, the create your own allergy alert pack is for you.

Create your own allergy alert pack is the perfect way to show that your child has an allergy. These sticker packs can be used on drink bottles, lunch boxes, caps, jackets, T-Shirts & Bags.  With the special pen provided you personalise each sticker to your individual allergies. By wearing their personalised allergy alerts your child’s allergies will remain in the eyes & minds of careers & friends. Perfect for using on school camps, excursions, sporting events & special days out.

Create your own allergy alert pack product Information:
  • Each pack contains 18 Stickers
  • A permanent marker, for you to create your own personalised allergy alert.
  • Design: A green circle with star alert, text in circle reads; I’m allergic to following lines for you to complete 57mm diameter
  • Allergy Alert Badges are the perfect size for wearing on t-shirts, jackets, caps and back-packs.
  •  Allergy Alert Vinyl Stickers are dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Allergy Alert Vinyl Stickers are perfect for lunch boxes, drink bottles, food charts etc.
  • Allergy Alert Vinyl Stickers can even be worn on t-shirts for one-off use for events like sports carnivals.
How to apply personalised allergy alert stickers: 
  • Fill out the stickers with your required information & allow the ink to dry so as not to smudge the writing.
  • For best results we recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface first.
  • Apply the stickers to a clean, flat, dry surface.
  • Smooth over your sticker to ensure adhesion & to remove any air bubbles.
  • Allow to set for up to 12 hours before immersing in water.