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Comfifast Vest – Wet Wraps for kids


Each box contains 1 Long Sleeve Comfifast Wet Wrap Vest

Comfifast Vest wet wraps for kids with eczema

Comfifast wet wraps for kids. Stop wrestling with bandages or standard clothing which stretches out of shape and start using comfifast vests for wet wrapping your child’s upper body.

Did you know that most healthcare professionals recommend wet wrapping for a quick eczema treatment with big results? Wet wrapping eczema can help to bring a flare up under control quickly. By reducing the heat and inflammation in the rash. You can allow the cream to be absorbed by the skin. Allowing the healing to start. And comfifast wet wraps for kids can make your wet wrapping routine so much easier. A cheaper alternative to other eczema vests. You can couple the vest with comfifast leggings to create a complete wet wrap outfit.

Comfifast Vest for kids features & benefits: 

  • Full length long sleeve vest for wet or dry wrapping and dressing retention.
  • Medical grade eczema garment.
  • Made of the same multistretch. Super soft comfifast material as the bandages and other garments.
  • The durable fabric does not distort after washing.
  • Ideal for using with heavy emollients. Steroids and moisturising cream.
  • Snug fit to minimise scratching and further irritation.
Want to give eczema wet wrapping a go but not sure where to start?

Eczema wet wrapping can be confusing if you have never been shown how to do it. That’s why we created our eczema wet wrap video. This visual guide walks you through the steps you need to wet or dry wrap your child as a quick and reliable treatment for eczema. From how much cream to use. To how to apply the garments. We can help! You can watch the eczema wet wrap guide here.