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Comfifast Adult Wet Wrap Vest


Each box contains 1 Long Sleeve Comfifast adult eczema wet wrap vest

Comfifast Adult Wet Wrap Vest

Comfifast adult wet wrap vest make home eczema treatment quick and easy. This ready to wear eczema garment is perfect for adult eczema wet wrapping. No more fighting with flat bandages, tapes or pins. Ideal for wet or dry dressing. The Comfifast  Long sleeve Vest for adults comes in three easy to measure sizes. (See size guide below). Comfifast garments are created using MultiStretch Technology. This allows the garments to stretch multiple directions for superior comfort and ease of movement. If you are looking for complete body eczema wet wrapping for adults. Consider teaming with the Comfifast Leggings for Adults.

Comfifast Vest wet wraps for adults features:
  • Manufactured using Comfifast’s famous multi stretch technology for a comfortable fit
  • Long sleeves to cover the full length of the arm and wrist
  • High neck for complete coverage of chest and neck eczema
  • Generous chest and back coverage
  • Soft nonabrasive material
  • Can be washed and reused multiple times. (We strongly recommend using a delicates wash bag to prolong the life of your vest)
  • Stay soft fabric retains its softness even after multiple washes
  • Perfect for wet or dry wrapping adult eczema

Comfifast adult vests for eczema wet wrapping are made from; 86% Viscose, 11% Nylon & 3% Elastane. This allows the garments to be used for either wet or dry wrapping. While maintaining their comfortable fit.

Care of your Comfifast vest:

Allerchic strongly recommends washing your Comfifast garments in either a delicates washbag or pillowslip. This will help protect your garments in the wash and prolong their life. Comfifast garments can be Hot washed at 60oc. They can then either be dried in a cool dry place or tumble dryer on low.

How to measure your Comfifast Vest wet wraps for adults:

Comfifast Adult Wet Wrap Vest for adult eczema Australia


Keen to try eczema wet wrapping but have no idea what this actually is or how it can help your eczema? 

You can watch our eczema wet wrap video to understand how it works. And how to apply them for your eczema.