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Comfifast MultiStretch Eczema Bandages



Comfifast MultiStretch Eczema Bandage 10m Roll.  

Comfifast MultiStretch Eczema Bandages are a lightweight tubular bandage that make wet wrapping quick and easy. But what exactly is multi stretch? Multi stretch allows the tubular bandage to stretch in multiple directions, not just the standard two way stretch that other bandages offer. As a result Comfifast bandages are a comfortable, economical and easy way to wet wrap your eczema. We all want a speedy healing solution during an eczema flare up, and intensive wet wraps have been clinically proven to reduce eczema flares.

Benefits of Comfifast Multi Stretch Eczema Bandages:
  • Comfifast tubular bandage with multistretch offers you complete freedom of movement through their multi stretch fabric.
  • As a result of the multistretch fabric Comfifast fits to mis-shapens limbs more comfortably.
  • Comfifast eczema bandages create a comfortable barrier between your clothing and eczema creams or emollients.
  • Your Comifast bandages can be washed in a wash bag & reused for an economical eczema treatment.
Comfifast MultiStretch Eczema Bandages are available in five convenient sizes 
  • Red line comfifast MultiStretch bandage – Great for small limbs, babies & toddlers (see size guide below)
  • Green line comfifast  – For small & medium limbs  great for children.
  • Blue line comfifast MultiStretch – This bandage is for larger limbs, child legs, adult arms (see measurements below)
  • Yellow line comfifast multistretch bandage – Is perfect for extra large limbs, for heads & child trunks.
  • Beige line comfifast multistretch bandage – Is perfect for adult trunks.

How to measure your comfifast multistretch eczema bandages:
Comfifast multistretch eczema bandage size guide