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Comfifast Eczema Bandages


Comfifast Eczema Bandage 10m Roll 

PLEASE NOTE: Where the Comfifast bandage is not available it is being subsitituted with a new Australian Made bandage of similar Quality.

Comfifast Eczema Bandages. Each box contains one 10meter roll of multi stretch Eczema Bandage. Comfifast is a lightweight tubular bandage that make wet wrapping eczema quick and easy. But what exactly is multi stretch? The Multi stretch design allows the tubular bandage to stretch in multiple directions. Not just the standard two way stretch that other eczema bandages offer. As a result Comfifast bandages are comfortable, economical and easy to use. Tubular bandages are just as the name suggests. A bandage that comes in a tube shape as easy as putting your arm through a sleeve. We all want a speedy healing solution during an eczema flare up. And intensive wet wraps have been clinically proven to reduce eczema flares. So stop using traditional flat bandages and tapes and use tubular bandages as an easier alternative.

Benefits of Comfifast Eczema Bandages:
  • Comfifast tubular bandage with multistretch offers you complete freedom of movement through their multi stretch fabric.
  • The multistretch fabric fits to mis-shaped limbs more comfortably.
  • Comfifast eczema bandages can create a comfortable barrier between your clothing. Your eczema creams or emollients.
  • Your Comifast bandages can be washed in a wash bag. They can then be reused for a budget friendly eczema treatment.
Comfifast MultiStretch Bandages are available in five convenient sizes 
  • Red line MultiStretch bandage – Great for small limbs. Babies and toddlers (see size guide below).
  • Green line comfifast  – For small and medium limbs. This is  great for children.
  • Blue line bandages – This bandage is for larger limbs. Such as child legs. And some adult arms (see measurements below).
  • Yellow line Multistretch bandage – Is perfect for extra large limbs. For adult legs and some arms. For heads and child trunks.
  • Beige line bandage – Is perfect for adult trunks.

How to measure your comfifast multistretch eczema bandages:

Comfifast multistretch eczema bandage size guide


Still confused as to exactly what wet wrapping eczema is. Or how is can help your eczema?

Check out or eczema wet wrap video here for a visual walk through on how to treat an eczema flare up with wet or dry wrapping eczema.