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Comfifast Adult Eczema Leggings


Each box contains 1 pair of Comfifast™ Adult Eczema leggings

Comfifast™ adult eczema leggings

Comfifast™ adult eczema leggings are the eczema wet dressing solution you have been looking for. Stop wrestling with bandages and start healing with tights made specially for teens and adults. Dermatologists highly recommend wet wrapping to quickly control an eczema flare up. The Comfifast™ Easywrap™ Leggings can be used as a barrier between your eczema creams/emollients and your clothing or as a wet layer to increase moisture absorption.

More importantly Comfifast™ leggings have been developed using MultiStretch™ technology. This gives the garments multiple stretch points, unlike the two way stretch of other garments. Therefore multistretch gives you the wearer complete comfort and freedom of movement. Looking for Adult Eczema Vests, click here.

Comfifast adult eczema leggings key benefits:
  • They act as a barrier to help reduce the damage of scratching.
  • Prevents the transfer of emollients, creams and steroids to your clothes or bedding.
  • Comfifast leggings are unobtrusive and discreet when worn under clothing.
  • They are ready to wear, easy to use and quick to apply.
  • The leggings remain in place without the need for additional fixation tapes or clips.
  • Increases wet dressing compliance due to their simplicity of use, comfort and effectiveness.
  • Light and breathable fabric allows the skin to breath.
  • Comfifast leggings can be washed for multiple uses, we recommend using a delicates wash bag to prolong the life of your garments.

Comfifast adult Leggings for eczema wet wrapping are made from; 86% Viscose, 11% Nylon & 3% Elastane. This allows the garments to be used for either wet or dry wrapping while maintaining their comfortable fit.

Care of your Comfifast™ adult eczema leggings:

Allerchic highly recommends washing your Comfifast garments in either a delicates washbag or pillowslip. This will help protect your garments in the wash and prolong their life. Comfifast garments can be Hot washed at 60oc. They can either be dried in a cool dry place or tumble dryer on low.

How to measure your Comfifast adult eczema leggings for Teens & Adults:

Comfifast Leggings wet wraps for adults guide