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Comfifast Leggings child wet wraps


Contains 1 pair of Comfifast eczema dry/wet wrapping leggings

Comfifast Leggings child wet wraps for eczema

Comfifast Leggings child eczema treatment. Have you been wet wrapping your childs eczema the old fashioned way? Well now you can, Stop wrestling with bandages. Tapes and pins or everyday clothing. That is too hot, heavy and stretches out of place. Comfifast leggings for eczema make wet dressings quick and easy. These versatile garments can be used as a dressing retention legging. Or for targeted wet or dry wraps for eczema and childhood dermatitis.

Comfifast leggings for eczema features and benifits:

  • Can be hot washed and will maintain their shape (we recommend washing in a laundry bag).
  • Can be tumble dried on low.
  • Are made of medical grade soft material.
  • Are ideal for using with heavy eczema emollients, steroids and creams.
  • Can be used for eczema wet or dry dressing.
  • Can be used for dressing retention. Holding wound dressings in place.
  • Are worn with a snug fit. So little fingers cant wriggle in and scratch.
  • Are made with multistretch fabric.
  • May be a cheaper alternative to other brands.
  • Are recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of eczema.
Heard all about wet or dry wraps for eczema, but have no idea where to start?

It can be hard to understand how to use wet wraps for eczema if you have never been shown before. Where do I start? What do I need? How do I do it? We have all your questions answered in our educational video on how to wet wrap eczema. To watch our video on how to use wet wraps please watch HERE