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Child Eczema Clava


Each box contains 1 Balaclava for a child aged 6mth to 14yrs

Child Eczema Clava. Wet wrapping for head and neck eczema.

Child eczema clava. Great for wet wrapping eczema of the head, neck, face and scalp. These can be some of the most trickiest spots to try and cover with traditional tubular bandages.  But struggle no more. The Comfifast child head and neck wet wrap balaclava can help. Made of the same super soft material as the rest of the comfifast range. Your child can finally stop scratching and start healing.

Eczema balaclava features & benefits:

  • Made of breathable material for maximum comfort.
  • Material maintains its softness even after washing.
  • Ideal for eczema wet or dry wraps. Or as a dressing retention.
  • Great for using with heavy emollients. Steroids and moisturising eczema creams.
  • Can easily be discreetly worn under a hoodie type shirt or jumper.
  • Medical grade garment.
  • Garments can be washed and reused.
  • Eliminates the need to use bandages, irritating pins and tape.
  • Can be used to help treat head eczema. Neck eczema. Or eczema on the face or scalp.