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Allergy awareness story – Thai goes to a birthday party


Allergy awareness story for kids 

Join Thai on this allergy awareness story for kids. Follow Thai on his food allergy adventures, the first book in the series is a fun story, showing how to handle your child’s food allergy at birthday parties. With the help of his mum, Thai makes safe food choices by bringing his ‘safe cake’ and a ‘safe party lunch box’ so that he can participate without feeling left out. The story normalises food allergy by showing that other children bring ‘safe cake’ to parties too!

Food allergies are portrayed in a non-threatening way, in simple language so very young children can understand. Talking points at the back of the book help you explore food allergies in a positive way with your child. Talking about it helps your child feel more at ease with their condition and less isolated and different. There are two recipes for birthday cake and biscuits to try out with your child, along with colouring  sheets downloaded from the website.

This allergy awareness story for kids:
  • Has 24 Beautifully coloured pages.
  • Is a food allergy book that is easy for preschoolers & school children to understand.
  • Has talking points in the back of the book inspire further learning for young children and their caregivers.
  • Teaches your child, family, friends, daycare and schools more about living with food allergies.
  • Can be a great tool or aid in classrooms to teach children about food allergies.
  • Contains two FREE recipes in the back of the book. Great for birthdays or those special  occasions.
  • Makes a great gift for children living with allergies and food allergy.


Food allergy awareness story for kids, A page from the fun allergy story Thai goes to a birthday party