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Allergy alert bracelet charms for Allerbling


Allergy alert bracelet charms

Allergy alert bracelet charms for allergies not included in the Allerbling bracelet pack. Decorate your Allerbling bracelet with charms that identify your allergies. Available in; Strawberry, Bee, Corn, Chocolate, Gluten free, Sesame, Coconut & medic alert. You can add in you allergens & extra medic alert charms to remind carers that your child has allergies.

Allergy alert bracelet charms frequently asked questions:
  • How Many Charms will the Allerbling allergy bracelet accommodate? The allergy alert bracelet has five holes and can accommodate four allergy charms plus the recommended medic alert charm
  • My son is only allergic to peanuts, what do I do with the extra holes in the wristband? Many parents will order several peanut food allergy charms and place them in the otherwise unused holes in the Allerbling wristband, providing extra visibility to the child’s peanut allergy. The same can be done with any child’s single food allergy.
  • Can my child wear the Allerbling wristband, with the food allergy charms, swimming?
    Yes! The wristband is so comfortable that you child will want to wear it 24/7. Our son wears his Allerbling swimming, to soccer, to Tae Kwon Do and to sleep.
  • Is there latex in the wristbands or the charms? No. The wristbands and charms are 100% silicone and latex-free.
  • How do I insert the allergy charms into the wristband? It is easy! Simply stretch the wristband a little with one hand, and elongate a hole. Then squeeze the charm backing and insert it partially into the hole and pull the backing through the other side – a bit like threading a needle. DO NOT use a sharp object to elongate the hole. That’s it. Continue until you have installed all of the charms your child needs.


How do I insert my allergy alert bracelet charms into the Allerbling?

Allergy alert bracelet charms for use with the Allerbling allergy awareness bracelet.

Allergy alert bracelet charms