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Adult Eczema Pyjamas


Midnight Blue Adult Eczema PJ set contains: 1 Top with fold over mittens & 1 Pant with enclosed feet.

Adult Eczema Pyjamas with organic cotton & bamboo

Adult eczema pyjamas are here! Finally super comfy PJ’s made especially for adults and teens with eczema and sensitive skin. You will sleep easy knowing your hands (and more importantly nails). Are tucked away preventing you from scratching and damaging your skin while your sleeping. Perfect for those living with atopic eczema, dermatitis, allergic rashes, skin allergies and psoriasis.

If you are not looking for a full set of adult eczema pyjamas, try looking at our adult mittened Ts instead check out Eczemawear HERE

Make sure you get the right fit by checking our size Guide:

Adult Eczema pyjamas size guide allerchic

Features of PJs for adults with eczema:

  • These unisex eczema pyjamas currently come in one colour Midnight blue (as worn by the models pictured).
  • Made from Bamboo, Organic Cotton & just 4% Lycra to make sure your garments maintain their shape in the wash.
  • Fold over mittens so your hands are free through the evening & easily covered when its time to sleep.
  • Enclosed feet so you cant pull the pant legs up for scratching the legs, ankles or behind the knees.
  • Drawstring non elasticated waist for maximum comfort.
  • Labels on the outside for added comfort.
  • See diagrams below more information.

adult eczema pyjamas