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100% cotton gloves for eczema


100% Cotton gloves for eczema, sensitive skin and hand dermatitis 

100% Cotton Gloves - Each pack contains 1 pair of white Long 100% cotton gloves

100% Cotton gloves are suitable for eczema, itchy, scaly patches. Dry hands that flake, or red, cracked and painful hands. Our 100% cotton gloves are so kind to your hands you will want to keep several pairs around the house.  From protecting your hands while doing daily activities like washing up to a mini hand treatment. These gloves are perfect for Wet Wrap or Wet Dressing eczema. They can also be used or  as a dry layer over the top tubifast gloves or comfifast mittens. To soothe inflamed or dry cracked hand eczema or dermatitis of the hands. We recommend lathering a thick layer of your favourite eczema cream followed by your 100% cotton gloves at bedtime. Leave them on overnight for a mini hand treatment to absorb your cream.

Our 100% Cotton gloves for eczema features:
  • 100% white cotton as recommended by dermatologists and immunologists.
  • Long cuffs to protect the sensitive wrist area, ideal for wearing under dishwashing gloves.
  • Suitable to use on either hand
  • Protection from allergens while painting, playing, gardening, playing in the sand.
  • Protection when doing daily chores. Did you know even folding laundry can irritate tender skin?.
  • If your fingertips aren't affected by hand eczema, you can cut the glove tips off to stay cooler in hot weather.
  • For wet work, put on your cotton gloves and then cover them with unlined powder-free vinyl or neoprene gloves.
  • Dry layer over the top of wet dressings and wet wraps
100% cotton glove size Guide:
Size Suggested Age
5-10 years CS - Child Small
10-16 years CM - Child Medium
16+ years -Small Adult Small Adult
Small Small Adult
Medium Medium Adult
Large Large Adult


Have you been looking where to buy 100% cotton gloves for eczema in Australia? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER.

We supply cotton gloves around the world for:

  • People with eczema, hand dermatitis, cracked and sore hands.
  • Santa costumes and drama plays.
  • Museums and art exhibitions.
  • Dance concert costumes.