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100% cotton eczema PJ suit


100% cotton eczema PJ suit

100% organic cotton eczema PJ suit. When you add this to cart you are buying 1 suit with fixed mittens and feet.
Stop the scratching and start your child healing their eczema flare up. With dermatologically recommended 100% organic cotton clothing for eczema. With covered feet and hands these eczema onesies make the perfect partner for eczema wet wrapping. Strong enough that itchy little fingers can’t break through but light enough to encourage a good night’s sleep. Stop the damage done by late night scratching and start healing with a good nights sleep in your organic cotton eczema suit.

We are so excited to have these best selling all in one super soft eczema suits back in store.

100% cotton eczema PJ suit back view

Other reasons you will love this all-in-one 100% cotton eczema PJ suit:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • No scratchy labels on the inside
  • Flat seams for maximum comfort on itchy skin
  • No tight seams around the wrists or armholes
  • All in one design deters scratching which can lead to infection
  • Back buttoned opening
  • Comfy elasticated back waist
  • Machine washable at 60oc
  • Tumble dry on cool
  • Allerchic suggests washing in a delicates bag to help prolong the life of your garment

Want to know which PJ Suit to choose? Check out the size guide below:

Organic cotton eczema sleep suit size guide

Why we love this Organic cotton sleep suit for eczema. And we think you will too.

Organic cotton eczema sleep suit

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