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Tubifast bandages and garments can be one of the quickest and cheapest treatments for gaining control of an eczema flare up.
Wet Dressings can provide relief from the heat and itching sensation of eczema and allergic rashes. Wet wraps help hydrate the skin and enhance the absorption of moisturisers and topical corticosteroids.
They can also be used as dry wraps creating a barrier between day or night clothes and thick layers of moisturiser.
From tights, leggings and vests for ages 6mths to 14yrs, to gloves, socks and tubifast tubular bandages in 10mtr rolls you will find exactly the product you need to get your inflamed sensitive skin back under control.

Want to know how to use your Tubifast products?
You can also view our video for Wet Dressing ApplicationĀ Here