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Educational Videos

Eczema Treatment made easy with instructional video’s

You can now watch Allerchic’s step by step instructional Video. On how to apply tubifast garments for wet dressing/wet wrap for the treatment and relief of eczema right here.
Dermatologists have long recommended Wet Dressings and Wet Wraps. For the treatment of severe eczema and eczema flare ups. Previously only fact sheets have been available to guide patients through this process. Allerchic’s wet dressing/wet wrap educational video gives you a step by step guide that’s easy to follow. We show you how to apply tubifast for the relief and treatment of skin eczema and eczema rash without wiping away all your moisturiser.

Tubifast Tubular Bandage wet wrap instructional video:

This instructional video guides you through the use of tubifast bandages for wet wrapping eczema. Tubifast do not currently offer garments for children over 14yrs or for adults. However the whole body can be wet wrapped using tubifast bandages and following this instructional video. A full suit can be created. Or you can simply wet wrap the face, trunk or limbs as required. In this instructional video you are guided through the process to get the most out of using your tubifast bandages.