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Eczemawear Eczema clothing FAQ

Eczemawear eczema clothing for babies and adults

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Q: What are my Eczemawear eczema clothing garments made from?

A: We did a tonne of research when trying to create the perfect range of eczema clothing looking into a number of different fabric combinations that would be the perfect solution for soothing itchy eczema skin. After many failed trials we found that 70% Organic Cotton, 25% Bamboo & 5% Elastane was the magic formula.

Q: Why did you include Elastane? Why not keep it 100% Organic?

A: When we set out to create your Eczemawear eczema clothing we wanted it to be made with 100% Organic natural fibres. Sadly as you can see from the picture below, those tests were complete fails!

The eczema clothing made from 70% Organic bamboo & 30% Organic cotton had no give or stretch. Once they were washed the garments sagged & did not recover. We tried our best to leave the elastane out of the equation but it was absolutely necessary to create eczema clothing that you could wash & wear. We kept trying with various combinations of elastane until we found that as little as 5% could solve the problem.
Eczema clothing for babies and adults clothing tests
Early testing on eczema clothing for babies and adults with no elastane added were clearly a FAIL.


Q: We need help getting my sons eczema under control, Why has my Doctor suggested we use Eczemawear?

A: Eczemawear can be a great all natural solution to add to your eczema treatment plan. Our soft organic cotton & bamboo fabric, gentle seams, reinforced mittens & feet keep the skin completely covered. This allows a break in the itch, scratch damage cycle. Together with other components of your eczema treatment plan Eczemawear calms the skin allowing your son (& you) to get a great night’s sleep.

Q: Is Eczemawear just for babies & toddlers with eczema?

A: Being an adult with eczema I 100% know that eczema isn’t always something we “grow out of”. That’s why Eczemawear is a complete range of calming eczema clothing for the whole family. We have garments for babies, children & adults.

Q: Hi I love your eczema clothing range but noticed that you don’t have any adult pants, Are they coming soon?

Yes you are right we don’t have adult eczema pants at this time. We are currently testing a number of garment options & are trying to get the right fit for the majority of adults with eczema. We thought it was best to the get the T-Shirts out ASAP rather than wait for the complementing pants to be ready for release.

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