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Note to self: Don’t forget the Epipen!

Sep 14, 2017 | All, Allergy & Anaphylaxis

Don’t Forget the Epipen!

Allergy anaphylaxis dont forget epipen

As many of you know I have anaphylaxis & carry an Epipen so does Miss Allerchic. Having both experienced anaphylaxis before I always thought I was pretty good at remembering to carry the Epipen (adrenaline auto injector) when we step out.

Family dinner = we got the Epipen.
Miss Allerchic attends a party = we got the Epipen.
Gymnastics = we got the Epipen.
Swimming = we got the Epipen.
Movies = oh you know we got the Epipen!
Ducking into the shops to get milk & bread, Oh no I don’t have the Epipens!!!

So gather round people I’m going to share a story.

The other day when Mr Allerchic was home I popped into our local supermarket to quickly grab a few things. I had my phone, my keys & my wallet. No Epipen. Nothing unusual here. But then it happened…

As I walked down the aisle where the eggs were in front of me was a lady checking the carton as people do for cracked eggs, but then my worst nightmare played out before my very eyes as the carton slipped from her hands & eggs exploded everywhere. Eggs. Exploded. Everywhere people!

As egg white went sailing past my ear my heartbeat ramped up until it was pounding outside my chest.
What if I had Miss Allerchic with me?

(If you’re not up to speed with our story, one of Miss Allerchic’s allergies is anaphylaxis to eggs. Her first reaction occurred as baby touching egg white)

I would not have even thought of grabbing the Epipens when just picking up a few things after school. Don’t get me wrong when we do a full shop yes of course I have the Epipens, but picking up milk & bread?

So as they called for a clean-up in aisle 3 it hit me.
It could have easily been a call for an ambulance, Mop & bucket!

Allergens will pop up unexpectedly & anaphylaxis does not discriminate you can never let your guard down.

Lesson learnt “Don’t forget the epipen”!

Needless to say next time I pop to the shops for milk & bread it will be phone, keys, wallet & Epipen.


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