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Do I still need to wear a face mask?

Mar 2, 2019 | All, Allergy & Anaphylaxis, eczema

Do I still need to wear my face mask now the pandemic is ending?

This is a hot topic everywhere right now. And although we are not going to delve into the whole, is the pandemic ending conversation here. Its important to note that wearing a face mask can protect you from much more than just viruses.

The short answer is a very loud and clear YES! Yes you should still be wearing a face mask when you are in crowded areas. Especially indoors like shopping centres, cinemas, public transport and concerts.

In their mask update on 21st September 2022 NSW Health state: “It is strongly recommended to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces and when you can’t physically distance from others.

In some settings in NSW, it is mandatory to wear a face mask, including at a public hospital or private health facility (including private hospitals and day procedure centres), and in residential care facilities or hostels”.

If its mandatory in hospitals and medical centres, we think it just makes good sense to protect yourself when in crowded spaces. There are so many important events happening at this time of year, no one wants to miss out because they are sick.

Wearing a face mask can be of benefit by:
  • Reducing inhaled allergens (grasses, pollens, pollution)
  • Providing a drug free parallel preventer for hay fever and seasonal allergies
  • Minimising exposure to inhaled viruses like influenza, common colds, RSV and Covid
  • Making you aware of hygiene. You are more likely to wash your hands and avoid touching your face while wearing a face mask
  • Protecting your younger family members as well as the elderly and immune compromised

So keep wearing your face mask. Once you do you will realise you are not alone. And you wont miss a single important event because you are sick.

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