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A life of managing Eczema and Allergies ~ About Allerchic

One of our FAQs is how do I say Allerchic? Allerchic is a play on the word allergic and chic, trendy, not clinical. Pronounced Aller-sheeek.

Who Runs Allerchic?
Allerchic is a small Australian business owned and operated by Stephanie. A Nurse with over 25yrs experience, a Mum, Wife, snort laugher, fierce allergy, eczema and anaphylaxis educator and advocate.

I had lived with eczema for over 25yrs. In that time I literally tried hundreds of different products seeking relief before I got my eczema and allergies under control. When we discovered I was pregnant I sought the assistance of Doctors, Specialists & Naturopath’s trying everything possible to avoid passing on these immune disorders. So you can understand our devastation when at age 18months our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with eczema and then later with severe Allergies and Anaphylaxis.

When seeking relief for my daughter I became increasingly frustrated with how hard it was to find eczema and allergy products that were bright, fun and functional. Using our personal experience as a starting point I talked to lots of people in specialists waiting rooms, hospitals and online in regards to their eczema and allergy needs. I came to realise that we weren’t the only time poor parents of eczema and allergy kids who couldn’t find what we needed. Its other mums and dads, young professionals, retired people, teachers, doctors, the list was endless. So many people trying to find products they needed for their eczema and allergies. This is how Allerchic was born.

Allerchic a small business with a grand vision.

We aim to provide You with a Modern Comprehensive online shop for everything Eczema and Allergy. We are continuously sourcing the highest quality products in an effort to provide you the relief you seek. Like our amazing 100% organic cotton clothing range or our wet wraps for kids with eczema.

Please keep visiting Allerchic as we are constantly updating our products as more research becomes available.

We Love hearing from our valued customers, so if you have a testimonial you wish to share, a comment or feel something is missing from our range please feel free to contact us anytime via our contact form and a team member will reply as soon as possible.