Eczemawear eczema clothing suit

Eczemawear eczema clothing suit
Eczemawear eczema clothing suit
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Discover the secret to easing your child or babies eczema with Eczemawear eczema clothing.

Eczemawear eczema clothing suit will soothe your skin, ease the itch & calm your skin.

We understand that when your eczema child or eczema baby is suffering through an eczema flare up, the whole family suffers! Sleepless nights, the uncontrollable urge to scratch & the damage & upset this causes them & their skin can be heartbreaking. But help is here, your child or baby will suffer the consequences of the scratch no more when wearing your specially designed natural Organic Bamboo & Cotton Eczemawear eczema clothing.

You & your baby or child can now enjoy a good nights sleep & a scratch free day with Eczemawear. Get the help you need today & enjoy the relief.

Eczemawear eczema clothing suit benefits & features:

  • Natural Healing Organic Bamboo & Organic Cotton:
    Eczemawear suits are made with Organic Bamboo which is a beautiful silky smooth natural fibre ideal for calming sensitive itchy eczema skin.

  • Enclosed Mittens:
    Unlike other eczema clothing that offer fold over mittens, your Eczemawear mittens are secure & 100% Houdini proof! No wriggling itchy little fingers out to scratch when the urge becomes too much.

  • Reinforced Mittens:
    Your Eczemawear mittens have double the organic all natural fabric to stop sharp nails or determined little fingers from scratching tearing & damaging their sensitive eczema skin.

  • Enclosed Feet:
    Your Eczemawear eczema suit is reinforced with double the natural organic material in the feet for a longer wearing suit. The feet are enclosed because we understand as well as you do that when the urge to itch strikes, our little people will use whatever they can to scratch, this includes tiny toes. Enclosing the feet allows us to protect their ankles, calves & backs of the legs as they can’t pull up their eczema clothing to scratch.

  • Gentle flat seams for sensitive easily irritated skin:
    Your Eczemawear garments have been specially designed with soft, gentle organic cotton seams to minimise irritation to sensitive, inflamed and itchy skin.

  • Elastic waisted back for quick easy nappy changes:
    The back of your Eczemawear eczema suit has the fastenings & elasticated waist, the reason these were placed at the back is because we understand that itchy little fingers will find their way into press studs & zips when placed at the front of a garment. Your Eczemawear sleep suit allows for quick & easy nappy changes for both mum & bub.

  •  Unisex colour choice:
    Currently Eczemawear offer one garment colour choice that suits both girls & boys looking for calming, comfortable eczema clothing.

How to measure your Eczemawear suit for best fit.

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