Eczema treatment with wet wraps & wet dressings

Most dermatologists will suggest wet dressings (or wet wraps as they are sometimes called) as one of the quickest, easiest & cheapest eczema treatments available. The application of Wet Dressings or wet wraps can provide relief from the heat and itching sensation of eczema skin & other allergic rashes. Wet dressings help hydrate the skin and enhance the absorption of eczema creams, emollients and topical corticosteroids.  The products we suggest for an effective wet dressing include tubifast bandage or tubifast garments, eczema creams, emollients and water soluble bath oils.

You can also view our video for eczema treatment using wet dressing wet wrap application Here

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Dermal Therapy Eczema & Psoriasis cream 50g
A topical cortisone and steroid free eczema cream for dry, inflamed, sensitive itchy skin. Becaus..
Ex Tax: $13.86
Epaderm Cream - The best cream for Eczema
Epaderm Cream the best cream for eczema Epaderm cream is a beautiful thick cream for ec..
Ex Tax: $5.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Epaderm Emollient Ointment
Epaderm® Emollient Ointment.  Perfect for sensitive skin, eczema and dry skin discomfor..
Ex Tax: $6.36
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kids Eczema Body & Bath Oil - By Grahams Natural Alternatives
Grahams Natural Kids Eczema Body & Bath Oil For the relief of the symptoms of itchy Eczema, Der..
Ex Tax: $16.95
Tubifast Garments - Gloves
Tubifast Garments - Gloves for children 2-14yrs Tubifast Gloves are suitable for eczema, itc..
Ex Tax: $11.65
Tubifast Garments - Leggings (2 - 14yrs)
Tubifast Garments - Leggings Ready-made Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch Technology, for dres..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Tubifast Garments - Tights    (6 - 24mths)
Tubifast Garments - Tights (6 - 24 Mths) Ready-made Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch Tec..
Ex Tax: $21.75
Tubifast Garments - Vests  (6mths - 14yrs)
Tubifast Garments - Vests (From 6months to 14yrs) Ready-made Tubifast Garments with 2-Way Stretch..
Ex Tax: $21.50
Tubifast Garments – Socks
Tubifast Garments - Socks (One Size Fits All 2-14 Yrs) Tubifast socks are a perfect complime..
Ex Tax: $9.75
Tubifast Tubular Bandage
Tubifast Tubular Bandage for Wet Wraps or Wet Dressing Eczema Tubifast 2-Way Stretch™ is a lightw..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Based on 1 reviews.