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Happy 1st Birthday to Kiddipedia our favorite parenting website where you can find our eczema & allergy hints & tips.

Reduced EpiPen® injection time

If you carry a EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® you need to read manufacturer update.

What Allergy & Anaphylaxis parents want you to know

Allergy & Anaphylaxis parents are not drama queens & we have a few things we want you know.

Eczemawear is here!
Eczemawear the gentle calming eczema clothing made from 100% Organic Cotton & Bamboo you have been searching for is finally here. Its with great excitement that we announce that Allerchic is the exclusive stockist of Eczemawear eczema clothing for the whole family. Made from the softest 100% organic cotton & bamboo your skin will love to be in these beautifully created flat seamed garments. With itchy eczema solutions for the whole family we are already collating a sea of grateful reviews from Allerchic community members who were able to order the garments via presale. Th..
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Note to self: Don't forget the Epipen!
As many of you know I have anaphylaxis & carry an Epipen so does Miss Allerchic, having both experienced anaphylaxis before I always thought I was pretty good at remembering to carry the Epipen (adrenaline auto injector) when we step out. Family dinner = we got the Epipen. Miss Allerchic attends a party = we got the Epipen. Gymnastics = we got the Epipen. Swimming = we got the Epipen. Movies = oh you know we got the Epipen! Ducking into the shops to get milk & bread, Oh no I don’t have the Epipens!!! So gather round people I'm going to share a story. The other day when Mr..
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Top 12 things people living with eczema want you to know

Eczema is so much more than just a rash & here is what people living with eczema want you to know.

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